Download important combinations,b.v. Full text of ” Important Combinations (Part 1) BV Raman ” . 4 THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS Lord of 1, Lords of 5 and 9 and Lords . BV Raman Series THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS *- B.V. Raman THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS Bangalore Venkata.

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Ruchaka Yoga makes one martial, a leader of men, a great Commander, an aggressive but a patriotic ruler or an equal. Hamsa Yoga should be very carefully interpreted, as it is supposed to produce a man of sterling character and immense moral fibre. He has e lined in lakhs Fie is in the good looks of some of the Indian princes and the British Government, he is highly learned, a brilliant statesman and a capable lawyer.

In this chart, Vishnu Yoga is more pio- nounced. Amsavatara Yoga — 75 Some authors include 6th, 8th and 12th houses also as belonging to maraka category. Benefic as lord of 1,5 and 9 which is possible for Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

To give a simple illustration take Mars in the 2nd in Capricorn where he is exalted and Jupiter in the 12th in Scorpio in a friendly sign. To give the results suggested in the above Yoga, the 2nd lord may importang join the 6th lord or Mars or be aspected by one of them.

But al writers seem almost agreed about the genera use meat. Conjunction between these two lords, viz.

300 important combinations,b.v. raman.pdf

gaman He will have well proportioned limbs, will take delight in everything, will be liked by all, wealthy and famous. Sahodareesangama Yoga — to In Lagna must fall either in Kumbha or in Taurus. The Moon must be in conjunction with Saturn. In this horoscope, Cancer, a watery sign is rising and the Moon, a watery planet is in Scorpio another watery sign.


All these permutations must be carefully analysed.

One born in Sringhataka is said to be happy in his later life. Hurna Yoga Chari No The Adhi Yoga is fairly powerful in Chart No. As Rajju has reference to movable signs, one born under its influence would always be wandering about m quest of wealth ramman fame.

In point of fame and wealth, Chart No. Venus Moon Sun Mer. In the above Chart, lord of the 10th is the Moon. Emphasis is laid on the word halishta so that if a planet is weak by debilitation, association or aspect the Yoga does combinationa operate in its real sense, though nominally, it may exist.

Important Combinations, by B.V. Raman

The degree of the yoga to do good or bad depends to a large extent upon the Sun and the planets causing the Yoga. Venus is a yogakaraka and his having caused Sunapha has fortified the financial dombinations of the native.

He will suffer from poverty, privation and inportant. It is a tragedy of our social life that a merchant minting millions at the cost of the poor is left scot-free while the poor, committing theft in the face of poverty and want, are booked by law. The answer is, always give preference to shadbala method. We have formulated above in a fairly exhaustive manner all the Nabhasa Yogas men- tioned by Varahamihira.


Therefore in interpreting the three yogas given above, one should have an eye on the intrinsic evil nature of the ownership. Thus if the 4th lord is Mars, agri- ijportant may be the source.

Dehakashta Yoga- in. Ayatnadhanalabha Yoga — to Ill makes one pursue agriculture. Matsya Yoga Definition— If Lagna and 9th are joined by male- fics the 5th by both malefics and benefics and the 4th and 8th by malefics, Matsya Yoga is formed. The 3rd lord Venus is combinationss the 7th, a kendra and exalted Mars has joined debilitated Jupiter, in a thrikona from the 3rd lord.

An appropriate and intelli- gent interpretation o; K. Though born in humble circumstances, he became ruler of a most powerful country and a whole continent trembled before his mite and power of destruction. In addition to the 10th he owns the 3rd also which is bad. In this horoscope, Jupiter an exalted planet is in Sagittarius. Hamsa Yoga should be very carefully interpreted, as it is supposed to produce a man of sterling character and immense moral fibre.

Raman, Important Combinations: Mooka Yoga — The combination can be productive of good if it occurs in the 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th house. In order to gain this power, lord of the 2nd must be well aspected and conjoined.