Title: EXTRATOS DE A DOUTRINA SECRETA Vol. Seleção de passagens do volume em que H. P. Blavatsky comenta Dottrina Segreta – vol 2 (2 di 2). A Doutrina Secreta. Helena P. Blavatsky Theosophy and Helena Blavatsky · A DOUTRINA SECRETA a tradução passo a passo da edição original da obra. (43) The Lemuro-Atlanteans build cities and spread civilization. The incipient stage of anthropomorphism. (44) Their statues, witnesses to the size of the.

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According to Hegel, the “Unconscious” would never have undertaken the vast and laborious task of evolving the Universe, except in the hope of attaining clear Self-consciousness.

The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2 of 2: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy

It was and ever will be. The volums and marrow of the Secret Doctrine Indeed, that which is given in these volumes is selected from oral, as much as from written teachings. It is the only immortal and eternal principle in us, being an indivisible part of the integral whole — the Universal Spirit, from which it emanates, and into which it is absorbed at the end of the cycle.

The Secret Doctrine 2.

The male mummies are all extremely tall powerfully built men with long waving hair. Only the face of the Disk being white and the ground all around black, shows clearly that its plane is the only knowledge, dim and hazy though it still is, that is attainable by man.

The history of cosmic evolution, as traced in the Stanzas, is, so to say, the abstract algebraical formula of that Evolution. These “Eternities” belong to the most secret calculations, in which, in order to arrive at the true total, every figure must be 7 x 7 to the power of x ; x varying according to the nature of the cycle in the subjective or real world; and every figure or number relating to, or representing all the different cycles from the greatest to the smallest — in the objective or unreal world — must necessarily be multiples of seven.



An immense, incalculable number of MSS. Hence the student must not expect to find there an account of all the stages and transformations which intervene between the first beginnings of “Universal” evolution and our present state. The pivotal doctrine of the Esoteric philosophy admits no privileges or special gifts in man, save those won by voume own Ego through personal effort and merit throughout a long series of metempsychoses and reincarnations.

To facilitate the reading, and to avoid the too frequent reference to foot-notes, it was thought best to blend together texts and glosses, using volkme Sanskrit and Tibetan proper names whenever those cannot be avoided, in preference to giving the originals. For the Esoteric philosophy is alone calculated to withstand, in this age of crass and illogical materialism, the repeated attacks on all and everything man holds most dear and sacred, in his inner spiritual life.

But then there is nothing in fact and reality absolutely motionless within the universal soul. What it is everyone knows. See ” Golume and the Emotions. Only the Aryan philosophers never endowed the principle, which with them is infinite, with the finite “attribute” of “thinking.

In each of voluume states a different portion of the mind comes into action; or as a Vedantin would express it, the individual is conscious in a different plane of his being. This error must have crept in through inadvertence. Yet, no philosopher among them will view this “death” in any other sense than as a temporary disappearance from the manifested plane of existence, or as a periodical rest.

22 was an influential example of the secreeta of interest in esoteric and occult ideas in the modern age, in particular because of its claim to re The Secret Doctrine, the Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy, a book originally published as two volumes inis Helena P. Furthermore, the records we mean to place before the reader embrace the esoteric tenets of the voume world since the beginning of our humanity, and Buddhistic voulme occupies therein only its legitimate place, and no more.

But there exists another book. By certain Kabalistic transformations this name, androgynous in the first chapters of Genesis, becomes in its transformations entirely masculine, Cainite and phallic. Jace marked it as to-read Sep 01, The main body of the Doctrines given is found scattered throughout hundreds and thousands of Sanskrit MSS. The Russian traveller, Colonel now General Prjevalsky, found quite close to the oasis of Tchertchen, the ruins of two enormous cities, the oldest of which was, according to local tradition, ruined 3, years ago by a hero and giant; and the other by the Mongolians in the tenth century of our era.


Hence it will be apparent that the contrast of these two aspects of the Absolute is essential to the existence of the “Manifested Universe.

Sanskrit, as now known, was not spoken by doutrinaa Atlanteansand most of the philosophical terms used in the systems of the India of the post- Mahabharatan period are not found in the Vedas, nor doutrinq they to be met with secrdta the original Stanzas, but only their equivalents.

Sooner or later, all that now seemingly exists, will be in reality and actually in the state of Paranishpanna. Therefore, the present attempt to elucidate some mysteries of the Esoteric philosophy has, in truth, nothing to do with the earlier work.

Title: A Doutrina Secreta – Vol. 2 – Simbolismo Arcaico Universal – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

One more important point must be noticed, one that stands foremost in the series of proofs given of the existence of one primeval, universal Wisdom—at any rate for the Christian Kabalists and students. The seven Stanzas given in this volume represent the seven terms of this abstract formula.

The real tenet is hinted at in a subsequent Volume, see “The Mystery about Buddha”and will be more fully explained in its proper place. Angell marked it as to-read Aug 05, This fact the writer is constantly obliged to bear in mind: The Secret Doctrine was the universally diffused religion of the ancient and prehistoric world.