ACI 530.1 ASCE 6 TMS 602 PDF

Mortar. Mortar for use in masonry construction shall conform to ASTM C and Articles and A of TMS. /ACI /ASCE 6, except for mortars . Specifications for masonry structures: ACI /ASCE /TMS with ASTM references. Imprint: Detroit: American Concrete Institute, c 5/TMS , and its accompanying masonry specification, ACI /ASCE 6/TMS New provisions and revisions of existing standards for masonry design.

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A smoke tmz shall be made as outlined below. A system or 503.1 used to form the inside surface of a flue in a chimney or vent, for the purpose of protecting the surrounding structure from the effects of combustion products and for conveying combustion products without leakage into the atmosphere. Reinforcement provided for one requirement may be counted towards the other requirements. Minimum compressive strength, expressed as force per unit of net cross-sectional area, required of the masonry used in construction by the construction documents, and upon which the project design is based.

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C during intermittent forces firing for periods up to 1 hour. Steel fireplace units are permitted to be installed with solid masonry to form a masonry fireplace provided they are installed according to either the requirements of their listing or the requirements of this section.

Stresses in the masonry under the new conditions shall not exceed the allowable stresses. Concrete and masonry chimneys for high-heat appliances shall extend at least 20 feet mm above the highest construction, such as roof ridge, parapet wall, penthouse, or other obstruction within 50 feet 15 mm of the chimney outlet, whether the construction is on the same building as the chimney or on another building.

Hearth extensions shall extend at least 16 inches mm in front of, and at least 8 inches mm beyond, each side of the fireplace opening. Masonry heaters shall also be installed in accordance with this section and comply with one of the following:.


Whenever the quantity f'[ m ] is under the radical sign, the square root of numerical value only is intended and the result has units of pounds per square inch psi Mpa. The minimum thickness of fireplace hearths shall be 4 inches mm.

Provisions for dimensional changes resulting from axce deformation, creep, shrinkage, temperature and moisture.

The arrestor screen shall have heat and corrosion resistance equivalent to gage galvanized steel or gage stainless steel. A building unit larger in size than a brick, composed of burned clay, shale, fire clay or mixtures thereof.

Specifications for Masonry Structures (ACI 530.1-92/ ASCE 6-92/TMS 602-92)

When two or more flues are located in the same chimney, masonry wythes shall be built qsce adjacent flue linings. Masonry designed by the allowable stress design provisions of Section Masonry composed of glass units bonded by mortar. Construction bracing for walls within a distance less than their height from adjoining properties or other unprotected and uncontrolled areas shall be designed for code prescribed wind loads and the bracing plan shall be signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer.

The measured dimension of a masonry unit or element. Dampers shall be installed in the fireplace or at the top of the flue ack the fireplace, and tsm be operable from the room containing the fireplace. Terra cotta and metal cornices shall be provided with a structural frame of approved noncombustible material anchored in a manner approved by the commissioner.

Masonry consisting of solid masonry units laid contiguously with the joints between the units filled with mortar. The following words and terms shall, for the purposes of this chapter and as used elsewhere in this code, have the meanings shown herein. The use of empirical design of masonry shall be limited as noted in Section 5. C or the temperature of masonry units is below 40? Where a afi chimney is constructed with sace fireclay flue liner surrounded by one wythe of masonry, the maximum offset shall be such that ttms centerline of the flue above the offset does not extend beyond the center of the chimney wall below the offset.


Where masonry does not meet the requirements for application of the unit strength method in Section However, such construction does not include other chimneys, vents or open structural framing. Masonry construction in which reinforcement acting in conjunction with the masonry is used to resist forces. The vertical reinforcement at the end of such walls shall not be less than two No. The designation of these standards has been modified from past editions to 5330.1 the lead sponsorship role by The Masonry Society.

In addition the contractor shall submit a Material Storage and Protection Plan. The fireplace throat or damper shall be located a minimum of 8 inches mm above the top of the fireplace opening.

Where unidentified reinforcement is approved for use, not less than three tension and three bending tests shall be made on representative specimens of the reinforcement from each shipment and grade of reinforcing steel proposed for use in the work.

The contractor shall keep a bracing plan on site during asxe masonry construction.

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The plans and method of alteration shall be subject to the approval of the commissioner. However, such construction does not include other chimneys, vents, or open structural framing. When a flue is relined with a material not complying with Mts Type 1 mechanical splices shall not be used within a plastic hinge zone or within a beam-column joint of intermediate or special reinforced masonry shear walls or special moment frames.

Such alterations shall be accomplished by one of the following means or a combination thereof: In Seismic Design Category C or D, masonry and concrete fireplaces shall be reinforced and anchored as detailed in Sections