CAN CSA-B149.1-05 PDF

CAN CSA-B PDF – CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. January Note: General Instructions for CSA Standards are now called. 1 Aug CAN/CSA B January Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, Includes Supplement No. 1 and Update No. 1. Historical. 1 Jan CAN/CSA BU Update No. 1 *This update corrects Clause , which mistakenly refers to Clause The Update No. 1 revises.

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Where regulators might besubmerged during floods, either a special anti-flood-type breather vent fitting shall be installed or thevent line shall be extended above the height of the expected flood waters. This increase shall be made at the connection on the device. Service regulator — a pressure regulator installed on a service line to control the pressure of the gas delivered to the customer.

Type L — dsa-b149.1-05 vent complying with ULC S and consisting of factory-made parts, each designed to be assembled with the others without requiring field fabrication. This provision shall not apply csa-h149.1-05 tubing that passes directly through walls or partitions. The appliance and its draft hood shall be located so that the reliefopening is accessible for checking vent operation. January 75 Replaces p. Service regulator — a pressure regulator installed can csa-b When either overloads or high starting loads are likely to be encountered, the size fan piping shall becomputed on a basis proportional to the increased input required.

The applicable procedures in Clause 6. Such a venter shall not be used in conjunction with an incinerator. It now consists of the following pages: The mechanical ventilation shall be electrically interlocked to shutdown the engine in the event of failure of the exhaust system, or means shall be provided to purgethe room ca-b149.1-05 the engine is started.

Csa-b14.91-05 specified in Table 4.

The discharge pipe shall terminate not more than 12 in mm above the floor. A regulator with vent limiting means shall be caj in a ventilated space only.


CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group

January 15 Replaces p. They shall be controlled by a vacuum switch,oil pressure switch, or an equivalent device to prevent the flow of propane to the carburetor whenthe ignition is off or the engine is not running. Clearancesfrom building openings shall be commensurate with local conditions and the volume of gas that mightbe released, but shall not be less than those required by CSA B Notes to figures and tables, however, areconsidered part of the figure or table and are written as mandatory requirements.

Safety limit control — a safety control intended to prevent an unsafe condition of temperature, pressure, or liquid level.

January 43 Replaces p. See also Clause 4. The venting of combination regulating and vaporizing equipment shall not be required where asolenoid valve is installed upstream of this equipment. Safety shut-off valve — see Valve. Create your own flipbook. Draft hood — a draft-control device having neither movable nor adjustable parts. This archived regulation can csa-b Vent — that portion of a venting system designed to convey flue gases directly to the outdoors from either a vent connector or an appliance when a vent connector is not used.

Where outside meters and regulators are installed in locations that do not afford reasonable protectionfrom damage, such protection shall be provided.

Induced draft — a mechanical draft produced by a device downstream from the combustion zone of an appliance. For natural gas having a relative density otherthan 0. Set pressure — the start-to-discharge pressure for which a relief valve is set and marked.

Standards Council of Canada

Travel trailer — a vehicular portable structure intended to be towed by a motor vehicle and that does not fold up or reduce in size for transit. At least Schedule 40 shall be used if joints are either welded or welded and flanged.


Tent trailer — a vehicular portable structure built on its own chassis and having a rigid or canvas top and side walls that may be folded or otherwise condensed for transit. Flexible metallic hose — an all-metallic flexible gas conduit.

Revised Contents, Clauses 1.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Zero governor — a regulating device that is adjusted to deliver gas at atmospheric pressure withinits flow rating. A double-acting draft regulator is one whose balancing damper is free to move in either direction. January 33 Replaces p. In this edition, where a major change or addition to the previous edition of the Code can csa-b The purpose of a note is to separate from the text explanatory orinformative material that is not properly a part of this Code.

January 54A B Cylinder valve — a valve fitted to a cylinder. Relief device — a device designed to open to prevent a rise of gas pressure in excess of a specified value due to an emergency or abnormal conditions. The brickwork or other noncombustible material shall provide not less than 8 in mm of insulation between the thimble and the combustible material.

The ground shall first be prepared and provided with gravel for drainage. Wash-mobile — a mobile outdoor unit that uses propane-heated water, or a solution, for the purposeof cleaning. Flue baffle — see Baffle. Floor furnace — a furnace that is suspended from the floor of the space being heated and that supplieswarm air to such space through integral floor or wall grilles without the use of ducts.

Inspection shall be adequate to confirm that sound joints have been made. Draft-control device — either a draft hood or a draft regulator.