Procedimentos combinados Alguns casos de retração gengival localizada – que de Nesses casos, um procedimento adicional, como o enxerto gengival livre. Mar. Clinical. Tissue adhesive in free gingival graft. Adesivo tecidual no enxerto gengival livre. Title: Técnica modificada de enxerto gengival livre: uma série de casos. ( Portuguese); Alternate Title: Free gingival graft using a modified technique: a case.

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Cyanoacrilates as a periodontal dressing. How to cite this article.

A Bard Parker no. The modified FGG technique can be successfully used to treat cases with lack of KT in teeth and implants. The use of cyanoacrylate-based adhesives in periodontal surgery, including free gingival grafts, demonstrates ease and efficiency, minimizes the problems caused by suturing thread and shows minimal toxicity and low cost 6 7 8 9 – 10 Enxreto observed that the time required for repair with sutures was approximately 4 times greater than with the adhesive.

Gingival grafts, thinner than 1 mm, showed a greater average height at the end of the study and with no significant changes regarding the total area of the graft. Use of octylcyanoacrylate for skin closure in facial plastic surgery.

Técnica modificada de enxerto gengival livre: uma série de casos.

In all cases, the patients’ complaints were solved. Periodontal status of mandibular central incisors after orthodontic proclination in adults.

The sutureless free gingival graft. Cianoacrilato; Adesivos teciduais; Transplantes.

genfival Dimensional changes between free gingival grafts fixed with ethyl cyanoacrylate and silk sutures. A significant increase in the keratinized mucosa and the width of the gingival margin could be seen.


They conclude that the modality of gingival graft fixation did not present any significant influence over the clinical parameters evaluated. A perpendicular incision was made at the base of the vestibule to fenestrate the periosteum.

A study of tissue response to cyanoacrylate adhesive in periodontal surgery. Clinical Tissue adhesive in free gingival graft. Final case days. Two patients presented chief complaints of sensitivity during tooth brushing on lower incisors and another patient in the region of an implant-supported restoration of tooth Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives for skin closure in the outpatient setting.

The patient, a year-old woman with no systemic alterations, was referred to the Department of Periodontics of the authors. However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution.

Bhaskar SN, Frisch J. At 30 days, the graft appeared clinically completely healed. These studies reported that the use of tissue adhesives reduced the surgical procedure time period, eliminated postoperative visits as well as the discomfort of suture removal and, in addition, did not interfere with the clinical repair process.

Tissue adhesive in free gingival graft

They reported that the initial repair was faster using the adhesive, that the product was easy to apply, appropriate for setting the gingival flaps and that the histological exam showed no adverse effects. Cyanoacrylates; Tissue adhesives; Transplants. The patient did not report, nor was there observed, any interference caused by the method of setting. Services on Demand Journal. Clinical examination revealed the absence of inserted keratinized mucosa in the region of the lower central incisors, the presence of inflammation and marginal edema and complaint of difficulty cleaning in the region.


Longitudinal evaluation of free autogenous gingival grafts. There was no incidence of dehiscence, hematoma or infection among the groups after one year; and, the esthetic results and patient satisfaction were superior in the 2-octyl-cyanoacryate group.

Pre-operative case keratinized mucosa. The results were compared with edges set using sutures. This case report describes a modified FGG technique with the aim to reduce libre graft shrinkage.

The patient received post-operative instructions related to careful cleaning of the region for 30 days with 0.

EBSCOhost | | Técnica modificada de enxerto gengival livre: uma série de casos.

The following were used in the surgical procedure: Diagnosis and management of mucogingival problems in children. They maintain livrw the advantages of conventional suturing, favoring the stabilization of the blood clot and providing esthetics to the surgical site 17 18 19 enxertk 21 22 23 24 – The appropriate coaptation of the surgical edges determines the success of the procedures.

The authors also reported that the tested adhesive is effective in closing lacerations, in addition to taking less time to apply and being less painful than suturing.