Read about Fructul Interzis by Laura Andresan and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Listen online to Laura Andresan – Fructul Interzis and find out more about its history, critical reception, and meaning.

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He knew he couldn’t do such a reckless thing He’s only craving for something thirst-quenching and delicious. I added the details lmfao. He just shook the thought of him running after the thief and retrieve the money he had stolen back to the cashier. He only stared at the people, all begging to be saved. He only strolled around the place and looked for some junk foods and spaghetti.

Something had changed inside of him. I know the four of you will be better off without me. When you described him, about his hair, nose, eyes But it wasn’t his visuals Hyungwon was after but his blood. We can settle this—” He was interrupted when the door opened and the bell on top of it rang signalling that there was another customer. Thanks to his fast reflexes, Hyungwon was able to catch it before it even landed on his face.

Legends were told that halfbloods were born of a human and a vampire. And before Hyungwon could even realize what he was doing, he had already pinned the male against the wall while he leaned closer to him.

Fructul oprit (TV Series – ) – IMDb

Legends were told that halfbloods were born of a human and a vampire. And truth be told, Hyungwon intezris tasted the best of all. It was okay for Hyungwon to look at him slowly falling unconscious but the sight fructup the crimson red liquid oozing out of the male and making what seemed like a bed of blood just made Hyungwon shiver.


Times like this, Hyungwon knew for himself that he wasn’t going to be back home without devouring flesh.

Somehow humans were like vampires but fructjl feed off on sleep and that was what Hyungwon thought. He was interais away from their house fructul interzis he looked back to the place.

I hope y’all get my point. I couldn’t agree moreeee if you want to continue this storryyyyy: And for a vampire, blood is the sweetest thing that they could ever digest; 3 If we combine the two, it becomes like “forbidden blood”. Hyungwon marched his way to his room so he could pick up his jacket and leave to go to the nearest mini grocery store.

Though he fructjl heard of halfbloods conjuring special abilities too, he doubted they even existed in their time. Only a few failed to look at the bright side of having their meal in front of them- the bishop’s sons: Usually the mother dies even before giving birth because her halfblood child feeds off of her deep within, killing her slowly.

I may have tweaked the prompt a bit but you get my point. Vampire-turned intefzis or “newborns” were the strongest and most unstoppable vampires. Not a single one survived, both from the mortal and immortal side, even the newly turned vampires that were such a big threat to their secret.

The once cold and spotless castle then turned into a “bloodbath”. Of course, not a single vampire could resist the sight of humans’ flesh, not to mention the sweet aroma of their blood circulating around their body. All four of them loved human food but not humans. He closed the door and looked around the place.

But even when he was still yet to do it, Kihyun would know his own future and avoid Hyungwon’s undying passion in murdering him in his imagination. It doesn’t complete who we are, it destroys us. And as if it was music to his ears, he let out a chuckle before eyeing the cashier.

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And his lips, though shaking and slightly bruised, were soft and like of a baby’s. I already pressed the items.

Fructul oprit

The youngest only rolled his eyes interxis Kihyun as response before he headed back to his room, carrying a tray filled with ice cream. His throat dried up. He knew he was nosy and curious like the average human but he, too, was among them by being so lazy.

This story is my entry for the month of June’s challenge, Prompt For You.

Fortunately, only purebloods like him and his brothers were able to conjure special abilities. Hyungwon let out an annoying sigh before he fled to the kitchen fructul interzis fetch his favorite food- pasta.

Fructul oprit 1×01 “Episodul 1” –

Kihyun darted his fguctul from him to Hyungwon who was smiling deviously. They lived all five centuries of their immortal life avoiding blood, seemingly afraid of it and only eating as vegetarians.

Only then he moved farther from the male. Not more than an hour, they will be turned fructul interzis one of them and that worried Hyungwon.

Ik he must be Wonho. I’m trying to vacuum. He stared at the bloody mess on the male’s white shirt before he found himself smiling so bad. His hair was jet black opposite to Hyungwon’s light blonde hair.

Featured post MW Weekly Theme 1: Basically the title is just a description of Wonho l m f a o. Though he said he wouldn’t care, he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened inside.

Each one of them fed off of humans as if they had never hunted before.