This document is a tutorial on the Gmsh mesh generator. It is aimed towards complete beginners; only some ba- sic knowledge of the Linux. This list is for questions and discussions about Gmsh features, resources, bugs, and so forth. Useful links: Gmsh homepage (for documentation, downloads, etc.) . Gmsh is a finite-element mesh generator developed by Christophe Geuzaine and Gmsh website · Official Gmsh Documentation · Gmsh Tutorials by Dolfyn.

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Compute the distance from the nearest node in a list.

Gmsh – Wikipedia

You will then be asked to select a list of points, and to type e to finish gmzh selection or q to abort it. OptionsFileName files by hand.

Extrudes both the geometry and the mesh using a combined translation and rotation see Extrusions. Should be 1 if the mesh has changed. To learn how to run Gmsh on your computer, see Running Gmsh on your system.

Gmsh Reference Manual

Fourth coefficient in equation for documentafion plane 2 Default value: Interactive actions generate language bits in the input files, and vice versa. For meshes, non-continuous indexing forces Gmsh to use a map instead of a vector to access nodes and elements. Show all entities, if General. Other file formats each treat physical groups in slightly different ways, depending on their capability to define groups.


Plugin DiscretizationError computes the error between the mesh and the geometry. Combines all the post-processing views into a single new view. Do not use a valuable password as it will occasionally be emailed back to you in cleartext.

LinSpace and LogSpace construct lists using linear or logarithmic spacing.

Display width of lines in pixels Default value: With the OpenCASCADE kernel additional expression s gmh be provided to define a full ellipse 4th and 5th expressions define the radii along X and Y or en ellipse arc next 2 expressions. Gmsh is a three-dimensional finite element grid generator with a build-in CAD engine and post-processor.

The first surface loop defines the exterior boundary of the volume; all other surface loops define holes in the volume. The only ternary operator, formed by operator-ternary-left and operator-ternary-rightreturns the value of its second argument if the first argument is non-zero; otherwise it returns the doccumentation of its third argument. When running Gmsh interactively, changing an option in the script file will modify the option in the GUI in real time.

Please report all issues on https: Prints the graphic window in a file named char-expressionusing the current Print. Creates a physical point. Embed the point scurve s or surface s in the given volume. The format of the input file is: Creates a physical volume.

Returns the value of e the base of natural logarithms raised to the power of expression. Affine takes a 4 x 4 or 4 x 3 affine transformation matrix given by row; Translate takes the 3 components of the translation as in Transformations.


Use multisample antialiasing will slow down rendering Default value: The third case also permits to create a list containing the range of numbers comprised between two expression s, but with a positive or negative incrementation step equal to the third expression. Enable PostScript Level 3 shading Default value: In this pseudo-code, all-scalar-point-values is the array of double precision numbers containing all the scalar-point-value lists, put one after each other in order to form a long array of doubles.

Tolerance for matching mesh and geometry Default value: Force mesh of curves or surfaces on the left-hand side slaves to match the mesh of the curves on the right-hand side mastersusing a rotation specified as in Transformations.

Font used in the graphic window for titles Default value: Creates a sphere, defined by the 3 coordinates of its center and a radius. The two constant types used in Gmsh scripts are real and string there is no integer type. Refines the current mesh by splitting all elements. Delivered documentayion Mailman version 2.